Collective Inspiration vs Proprietary Ego Driven Creation

Rather than control and confine situations (proprietary and ego driven processes) I think we should open them up and lead collective inspiration. I think we need to realize that what is in our heads, what hasn't hit paper, or some virtual screen, is our proprietary weapon, and what we throw out, open up, and consume, chaotic and scary though it may be, and edit (collective inspiration) from all of that noise, is the grease, the exponential multiplier of the ideas that we have shared, and more importantly, the ideas that we are still brewing.

Make your proprietary tool your ability to open source your creations, consume the feedback, the forks in your plans, and produce something better than where you started, and use that increasing feedback cycle to constantly generate and improve upon what comes next.  Make creativity and momentum your competitive advantage.

That is collective inspiration versus proprietary ego driven creation.