Scrumming the Scrum with Lean Startup

Scrum works if you Scrum the Scrum. If you retrospect as a team and find one improvement every sprint that will make how you work better. If you do 1 week sprints that is 52 improvements per year. And they are multipliers of each other. Exponential. BUT, they are inward facing improvements, not typically outward facing customer innovation. What if we bring Lean Startup; Build, Measure, Learn into the weekly Scrum Retrospection and not only identify our backlog and improvement for the next sprint, but we also identify a measure and learn effort. Not just a quick validation of prior work performed, but rather points assigned for that effort. A dedicated person who isn’t context switching between cards, actually picks up the measure and learn task for what was previously shipped, and they are charged with finding the insight for what needs to be built next to improve the customer experience.  They initiate the next cycle of Build, Measure and Learn, by coming back with their recommendations - based upon what was measured, and what they learned - should be “built” next. 52 sprints per year, each sprint improving how we work, and what we measure and learn about how our customers use us to get their job done. Exponential multiplied by exponential.