Taking 10X to 100X With Inevitable Trends

You have a business focussed on the bottom tier of the market. You can go up market by adding products and services to what you offer and by doing so it is very likely that you can increase your business by a factor of 10 by increasing the lifetime value of the clients you serve.

How you go up market is up to you. One option is to align with an inevitable trend in technology and specialize in taking advantage of that trend, a trend that could cross into other markets. In other words use your new found skill set to exploit the trend for the market you serve and follow it up, and across and into other markets that could take advantage of that trend as well. Your 10X improvement that takes you upmarket for the clients you serve could go 10X for your next niche, and so on, as you move up, and across the inevitable technological trends.

Going up market. Good thing once you’re ready. Going up market on the back of an inevitable trend that can cross into other markets. Even better. 10X can, with work, become 100X.