Why SaaS? It's now a money thing.

We shut down servers and went SaaS (software as a service rather than software we install and maintain) to fully embrace the same model that we have moved our software products to. We felt we had to walk the talk and learn from our experience to be in the best possible position to continually improve the SaaS product that we provide (Rise Display Network). This didn't start out as a money saving thing. I just finished reviewing our annual fixed asset count and I am blown away by how much hardware and software is marked "No Longer In Use". I cringe when I look at the total purchase costs. And when I add in the hire that we are about to make and the existing person we freed up whose job it was to maintain this IT monster I am real glad we decided to "Walk The Talk".

Our move to an all SaaS (well almost, still a couple of things left to convert) has allowed us to focus on what we do best and to redirect the money saved into the value we create, not the administrative IT overhead that was a constant distraction. Why SaaS for us? To better understand all aspects of the software as a service model that we provide and it's a money thing. We saved and are saving substantially.